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Contact Lens

Today, Contact Lens can be found everywhere and are used at all occasions. From recreation to fashion to treatment purposes, people of all walks of life are getting into the habit of using Contact Lenses.

A contact lens or CL is simply a thin plastic lens placed directly on surface of the eye. They come in all shapes and colors to fulfill various needs. Using Contact Lens without a doctor’s prescription can lead to eye complications, which makes it imperative to consult an eye specialist before using them.

Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, at Menger Eye Center in New York specializes in the use of Contact Lenses and his extensive experience makes him the impeccable choice for consultation in this regards.

What benefits do recommendations by Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, at Menger Eye Center provide in the use of Contact Lens?

  • Effective results by using right type of Contact Lens
  • Proper guidance to the use and maintenance of Contact Lens
  • Support and Treatment in case of Contact Lens misuse.

Why Choose Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, for contact lens prescription?
Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, has extensive experience in treating various types of eye diseases and conditions related to eye. Dr. Menger will have detailed consultation with the patient about the vision problem and then prescribe the right type of contact lens along with the best way to use them.

For more information on how to treat visual impairment caused by Contact Lens use, please tell us more by fill our contact form and book a consultation.

Contact Lens Questions & Answers:

Why do people wear Contact Lens?
The most common reasons for wearing Contact Lens are:

  • Cosmetics, aesthetics and fashion trends are main factors for people who want to avoid wearing glasses and want to change their eye appearance.
  • Some people wear them for functional or optical reasons. CLs provide better peripheral vision as compared to spectacles. They also do not collect perspiration or moisture. This function makes them best for outdoor activities and sports.
  • Some eye conditions can be better cured with CLs rather than glasses.

What are the types of Contact lenses?
Contact lenses can be categorized according to their functions, materials, wear schedule and replacement schedule. Some main types include:

  • Corrective Contact Lenses: Multifocal contact lenses and Monovision are used to improve vision.
  • Cosmetic Contact Lenses: Used for changing eye appearance.
  • Therapeutic scleral lenses: Used for improving vision, reduce pain and light sensitivity caused by eye injuries.
  • Therapeutic soft lenses: Used to treat eye disorders.
  • Types according to material: Soft lenses, Rigid lenses and Hybrid lenses.

Any tips for wearing a Contact Lens safely?
Following are top tips to wear a Contact Lens safely:

  • Wear as per the doctor’s prescription.
  • Never wear contact lens used by other people as it can spread infections.
  • Avoid wearing while sleeping.
  • Make sure the contact lens solution doesn’t touch your fingers and eyes.
  • Use the best contact lens cleaning solvent you can find for cleaning and rinsing your lens.
  • Wear sun glasses for UV protection as contact lens may make your eyes light sensitive.
  • Avoid swimming with contact lens, wear goggles instead.
  • If you feel any eye pain, irritation, swelling, redness, infection, blurred vision or sudden vision loss, please have yourself checked up immediately.

Contact Lens should always be worn after professional consultation. To make sure you are getting the most out of your Contact Lens experience, it is recommended to get a thorough usage plan from Dr. Menger and follow these tips religiously.