Treatment of Vitreous Floaters

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Vitreous Floaters

Vitreous Floaters is that condition of eye in which you see spots that drift through the field of vision. If you are experiencing a sudden increase in these Vitreous Floaters or have started seeing light flashes or have lost your peripheral vision, it’s time to see an eye specialist. Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, at Menger Eye Center in New York is well experienced in and comes highly recommended for the treatment of Vitreous Floaters.

What benefits you will get with treatment of Vitreous Floaters from Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD?

  • Complete treatment plan tailored to individual needs
  • Advanced diagnostic facilities
  • Regular follow-up care

Why Choose Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, for treating Vitreous Floaters?
Dr. Peter L. Menger, MD, is a board certified eye specialist and a well experienced ophthalmologist who treats different eye diseases in a way that yields the best results. In order to achieve patient’s satisfaction, the team at Menger Eye Center is dedicated to effectively use advanced tests to diagnose Vitreous Floaters. Early detection is the only way to treat the condition before it becomes severe.

If you feel your Vitreous Floaters condition is worsening, you should give us a call or visit our website to fill the contact form.

Vitreous Floaters Questions & Answers:

What is Vitreous Floaters?
Vitreous Floaters are small spots in your vision. You might see them as black or grey specks, cobwebs or strings that drift on moving your eyes and appear to dart away when look at them directly. The major cause of these Eye Floaters is the age-related changes that occur in the “Vitreous”, a jelly like substance inside the eyes.

What are the symptoms of Vitreous Floaters?
The symptoms of Vitreous Floaters include:

  • Spots that appear as dark specks, transparent strings, floating material
  • Spots that move while moving the eye and disappear when look directly
  • Spots that clearly appear on plain bright backgrounds like white wall or blue sky

When to see the doctor?
Contact an eye specialist immediately if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Increase in number of vitreous eye floaters
  • Light flashes
  • Darkness on sides of vision
  • Floaters after eye trauma or surgery
  • Eye pain

What are the causes of Vitreous Floaters?
The major causes of Vitreous Floaters include:

  • Age-related changes in Vitreous – a jelly-like substance that fills eyeballs and maintains their round shape.
  • Inflammation in layers at back of an eye
  • Some serious eye conditions associated with Floaters are bleeding in the Vitreous, Retinal detachment, macular degeneration eye, diabetic retinopathy, eye tumors and eye injury

What is the treatment of Vitreous Floaters?
At first, Dr. Menger will conduct complete eye exam to determine the exact condition. If Vitreous Floaters is impairing your vision then the treatment options depend on your eye exam report, severity of the floaters and other eye disorders (if any). Treatment options include:

  • Laser therapy: Laser is used to disrupt the Floaters and make them less noticeable.
  • Surgery to remove Vitreous: Ophthalmologist removes Vitreous Floater solution and replaces it with solution that maintains the eye shape.

Early detection and suitable treatment is vital before loss of vision occurs and to prevent further worsening of condition.